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Ocher Bee

Ocher Bee's Full Moon Bathed Personal Acknowledgment & Grounding. Connection Kit - with Ochre And Coolamon

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 Ochres are primarily natural pigments and minerals found in the soil, or even in charcoal. These natural pigments are used to depict Dreaming, song lines and information. Used as sacred body paint, rock painting, on artefacts, and sometimes even on sand.

This kit provides a meaningful connection, that will align with your personal, respectful, intentions. 

Connect with Ocher Bee for a deeper understanding. 

Activated for Love, Light & Peace... On Full Moon Rise...

More details:

  • Contains hand-crafted coolamon tray & 1 of 3 ochres - red, gold and white (approx. 20g each)
  • Respectfully harvested 
  • Full moon rise bathed


  • Art
  • Personal wellbeing

As our products are also nature designed, this produces individual design to each and every product, may slightly differ from photo above, we invite you to enjoy the uniqueness in your hand selected cultural connection, product / tool / artifact. 

Please see Ceremonies & Sacred Spaces | Services | Ocher Bee for opportunities of respectful deeper connection through, Grounding Ceremony services, art workshops and retreat experiences. Gatherings and Individual Goddess space sessions.


Respectfully harvested with permissions from Traditional Owners or sourced maybe through other First Nations businesses. Activated with Love, Light, peace intentions and bathed under the rise of Full Moon. Full Moon Activated Ocean and Fresh Waters also gathered at these times….