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Ocher Bee

Art pack, Refined Ochre, Small 3 pack

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Art, connections with culture and Mother Nature.

Our Ochres are respectful  harvested from country with full acknowledgement and respect. 

Gathered Ochres are then full moon bathed, with the rising moon on the east coast of Australia. Kabi Kabi - Gubbi Gubbi country - Sunshine Coast Queensland.

 Ocher Bee also offers online connection to fully engage and have their full interactive experience of indigenous cultures connection with mother Earth through Ochre, Clapstix, water and sound.

Approx. 3g per pot, 9g total


Please see Ceremonies & Sacred Spaces | Services | Ocher Bee for opportunities of respectful deeper connection through, Grounding Ceremony services, art workshops and retreat experiences. Gatherings and Individual Goddess space sessions.

Respectfully harvested with permissions from Traditional Owners or sourced through other First Nations businesses. Activated with Love, Light, peace intentions and bathed under the rise of Full Moon. Full Moon Activated Ocean and Fresh Waters also gathered at these times….