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Online Opportunities

Live and prerecorded online healing sessions, wherever you are located

Price: On Application

Location: Online

Don't live close enough to interact with Ocher Bee in person? We are able to work with you online to provide Cultural grounding and healing experiences.

Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Master Degree

Seichem Level 1, Master Degree

Interactive Workshop Sessions

For our pre-recorded workshop sessions, you will receive

  • a package including all resources needed for participation, posted to your Australian address.
  • A link to access the pre-recorded video of the workshop
  • A follow up from Ocher Bee about your experience 

Our workshop experiences currently include:

  • Clapstix Creation
  • Cool Palm Frond Coolamons
  • Ochre Immersion Story Creation

Healing Live Sessions

 Our healing live sessions are conducted online & in-person.  They are one-on-one and include the following:

  • Ochre Grounding
  • Clapstix Sound Rebalance
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Relaxation
  • Guided Inner Heart Meditation
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  • Optional: Message Card Pulled Choice of Card deck
  • Resource Pack containing an ochre kit with a mini palm frond coolamon, mini full moon bathed refined ochre and mini full moonrise harvested ocean water.
For an extra charge you may also choose to receive a resource pack which includes a hand-carved & burnt up-cycled gumtree or wattle clapstix set, natural care oil & carry pouch which may complement your experience.