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Ocher Bee

Yarning Stick - Dreaming Wand - Made To Order

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Customise Your Storytelling  Design... 

Tells your story our ways...

Ocher Bee sacred dreaming wands are  each uniquely selected with deep respectful intentions of creating your groups, personal family or individual journey of connection to culture. 

A customised personal Yarning/ talking or Dreaming wand, 

Please order and then message us 3 things you would like represented o within your unique story design. For your family, school group, community group, individual story? 

Storytelling through polka work, wood burning and Ochres...

Eg of 3 story representations:

Mother, Father, 3 children together

Gathering north for distant family connections 

Place our family feels peace is at the beach

An Eg of a family connection story. 


Our group enjoyed seeing the kangaroo mob

Connection to birds we saw

Growing as a team stronger

An Eg of a group team connection story..

Happy story telling we hope to be creating for your unique story , experience, adventure soon. 

Ocher Bee

Sara 🌞💜🌏💜🌞👣✨💫✨🙏🏽♾