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Ocher Bee

Clap Sticks Large Natural Up cycled Wood Hand crafted,

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Connect to Country as you respect, hearing the sounds of mother nature through the frequencies you create as you play your clap our hand-crafted ocher bee clapstix. 

Sharing Story of connections from north and south in the polka work lines each end, the dots representing some of the many Countries journeying from all directions. , hand burnt designs. " Gathering Together."

In Indigenous Culture, clap sticks are not just musical instruments but have many other uses. These include being used as weapons and tools, and for use in story, dance, and healing practices. 

These natural gum clap sticks have been upcycled and are hand-crafted to include natural hand-burned artwork. Use our clap sticks for sound relaxation, rebalancing and personal connection to self and nature.

The clap sticks come with natural care oil & a carry bag and are approximately 23cm long.

As our products are also nature designed, this produces individual design to each and every product, so may slightly differ from photo above, we invite you to enjoy the uniqueness in your hand selected cultural connection, product / tool / artifact.