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Ocher Bee

Boxed Clap Sticks - Hand Crafted Hand Burnt Wood design. First Nations, Art, Indigenous, Aboriginal,

Hand Crfted Hand Plokw Burnt, Hand Pyography

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Connect to Country with our Hand-Crafted Clap Sticks

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and feel the rhythm of the earth as you connect with indigenous culture through the mesmerizing sounds of our hand-crafted clap sticks. These unique instruments not only create beautiful frequencies but also hold deep cultural significance and storytelling.

Authentic Indigenous Artistry: Our clap sticks feature intricate hand-burned artwork, showcasing the rich heritage and connection to Country. Each end is adorned with polka work lines, symbolizing the unity of north and south, while the dots represent the diverse journeys of various Indigenous cultures coming together from different directions.

Discover the Versatility: In Indigenous Culture, clap sticks serve a multitude of purposes beyond music. They have been used as weapons, tools, and integral elements of storytelling, dance, and healing practices. By incorporating these clap sticks into your life, you embrace the traditions and knowledge of generations past.

Sound Relaxation and Personal Connection: Our hand-crafted clap sticks provide a means to relax, rebalance, and establish a personal connection with both you and nature. Create soothing melodies, engage in meditation practices, or simply let the rhythmic vibrations transport you to a state of calm and reflection.

Nature-Inspired Design: As our products are naturally sourced and hand-crafted, each clap stick carries its unique design and may differ slightly from the photo above. We invite you to appreciate the individuality in your hand-selected cultural connection artifact, knowing that no two are alike.

Complete Set: Our clap sticks come with a natural care oil for maintenance and preservation and a convenient carry bag for easy transportation. With an approximate length of 22cm, they are the perfect size for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Experience the power and grace of our hand-crafted clap sticks as you immerse yourself in the sounds of nature and connect with the rich Indigenous heritage. Embrace the uniqueness of your cultural artifact and let it enhance your journey of self-discovery and reverence for the natural world.


Note: Designs may slightly differ although, depiction is same meaningful story.