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Ocher Bee

2 x Sacred Ochres, Gold and White, Refined, Real, Ready for your personal use, Art, cultural connection, first nations, respect.

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White and Gold separately boxed Ocher Pack.


Art - Meaningful enhancement...

Wellbeing- Your personal Grounding... 

Direct Commercial Use - STOP... Please see below- *, **

*Over many years I have sat, listened, shared my intentions, and waited, many deep, intense, important, traditional, LORE, real, conversations, lessons, connections, confirmations with many local Traditional Owner families, Elders, country have taken place on these lands. Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Country. Parts of these conversations regards my intentions being, shared, watched, understood, around harvest, gathering, of sacred ochres, woods, sands, waters, stone, resins, foods, air, earth, fire, and it continues...guidance and permissions. What's Law And LORE...

What's Country speaking to me

what's country tell us as a whole...

so many deep aspects.. sometime words don't describe..

Differing and same same across everything, a deep need to understand this takes time and never tops. 

 I am grateful for the encouragement, permissions, reassurance, guidance I receive with respect as I hold my deepest heart respects with every step, breath, leaf, gain, sunray, ocean, drop, creek drop that I engage with. I have no authority to provide this to you beyond your well being connect knowledge and experience. 

Your own engagements with TO's. Elders and local families will take place if your called and connect with country. Stay pure. 

**So in your commercial spaces please know Ocher Bee and all First Nations Businesses are covered by the same as yours Intellectual property.

Another governing factor is Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property. Your welcome to join me on a much deeper level, sitting, learning more of my connections.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) - Arts Law Centre of Australia

I am available for Ocher Bee - Ochre Groundings for your meaningful spaces, you as a host has the opportunity to be held and grounded respectfully into the moment, prior to you initiating and activating your sacred space, ritual, ceremony.

As we interactively Acknowledge Country, Traditional Owners and Elders, Ancestors and guides. to share on a deeper level and activate earth element prior to your holistic or sacred ceremonies or celebrations. I respectfully step away as initiate opening your own intentions for your space.

Includes 2 Ochre Bottles Boxed, for your personal Journey

Respect, Acknowledge Connect...

We ask you to stop, Respect, Acknowledge Country as you then connect... Your Heart knows...

My Full Moon Ochre Deactivation, Neutalisation, and reactivation, moon rise ritual...

By Sara Moore... 

 Holding deep respect as I personally harvest and gather ochres, small amounts and undetected, undisturbed as can be, i also hold love and light clearly, strongly and intentionally for Mother Earth.

These harvests are gathered together for the next Full Moon Rise as I sit with full intentions.

The next level of the ritual continues as I deactivate the disturbances of settlement of newcomers without invitation, true care or connection all over the globe. The earth granules I neutralize I let rest. All as the first lift of the full moon off the horizon... then intentionally I reactive these gains of refined earth pigment, sacred Ochre. Ancient connections, communication, healing, 

We sacredly package these for your personal connection, holding and locking in the protected, activated energies. Created for your deeper safe connection.

Honoring Country, Mother Earth is such an important role and self-care is the start of your activation of love and light on this earth. As each individual rises into self, we activate the earth, gridding with light and love.

Mother Earth knows intentions and will amplify your own intention and reflection of inner heart for your own awareness and experiences. Stay pure. 

Ocher Bee.

Art Use:

Combine other paint or glues to enhance your meaningful art creation.

Daily Use. Wear under feet can have beautiful supportive filtering effects, releasing the unaligned back to mother earth as she transmutes this fertilizer into the pure nutrition she requires. This may or may not align with you. 


Deactivated and reactivated, Full moon bathed, red, gold and white ochers.



Created packages, little Dilly Bottles

Ready for your immersion, connection.

Representation and Intention Activations:

Gold - Sun _ Light

White - Spirit - Peace

Red - Lands - Love

Connect after purchase for deeper individual or group immersion, instructions and significance if required.  I welcome you to invite myself as an addition to your sacred space/ circle/ gathering for facilitation as I hold space for your all to connect prior to your sacred event. AS a host or facilitator yourself the benefits of having assistance to ground and connect on a deeper or different level prior to you holding space for others can be incredible. 

9 hand processes

True intentions naturally come through as mother earth filters and purifies energy. Stay true in heart. For your personal connection. 

Art use... Add small drop of craft glue, resin or egg white to bind.