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Ocher Bee

Grounded Cultural Harmony Circle - Take Your Space Now... First Nations Knowledge and Native Infused Snacks

TAKE YOUR SPACE NOW- Grounded Cultural Harmony Circle

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Grounded Cultural Harmony Circle 


Gather, Respect, Acknowledge, Connect… In Gratitude.
Immerse into the moment of deep respect and heart to heart Gratitude for Self, Country, other Earth, Universal cosmic awareness.

Sit in Circle with intentions of harmony for self, connection to country and gratitude, love for Mother Nature.

Take Your Space Now

Relax into the moment

Remember how to do this in each moment as you go forward

Sip native teas

Taste the delights of Country with your tantalizing dilly plate

Receive your very own take home gift to continue the depth of connection and create your personal journey connecting


Clapstick Sound Rebalance

Crystal Bowl Frequency Relaxation

Ochres to wear and create your mini art expressions

Inner Heart Journey Meditation

Relaxation through ancient practices that immerse your into the dreaming connection of cultural respect and experience. Your personal space to journey to depths your comfortable with. A safe space for you induvial connection. 

Native Infused Bush Tea

Native Infused Snacks. - Please advise Directly of Dietary Reequipments at time of booking your Ticket/ space. 

1 hour 

Date: Saturday 22nd June

Mid - Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia