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Ocher Bee

Coolamon and Full Moon Bathed, Real, Sacred Ochres, Gold, Refined, Art, cultural connection, first nations, respect.

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One Colour


Palm Fron Mini Coolamon...

Respect, Acknowledge Connect...

We ask you to stop, Respect and then connect...

Mother Earth knows intentions and will amplify your own intention and reflection of inner heart for your own awareness and experiences. Stay pure. 

Ocher Bee 

Deactivated and reactivated, Full moon bathed, red, gold and white ochers.




Representation and Intention Activations:

Gold - Sun _ Light

White - Spirit - Peace

Red - Lands - Love

Connect after purchase for deeper intention, instructions and significance if required. 

9 hand processes

True intentions naturally come through as mother earth filters and purifies energy. Stay true in heart. For your personal connection. 

Art use... Add small drop of craft glue, resin or egg white to bind.