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Ocher Bee

Create Your Own Emu Feather Keyring, Bag Charm Or Hair Charm... Express Yourself

Create Your Own... Emu Feather Kit

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Respect Acknowledge Respect

Introducing the Australian First Nation's Emu Feather Kit - a unique and meaningful way to embrace the rich heritage and cultural significance of Australia's Indigenous people. This kit includes everything you need to create a stunning emu feather bag charm, hair charm, or keyring, all while learning about the deep-rooted traditions behind it.

At the heart of this kit is  authentic emu feathers, carefully sourced from Australian First Nation's artisans who have passed down the sacred art of featherwork through generations. Each feather tells a story and holds a deep significance within the Indigenous culture, representing strength, resilience, and connection to the land.

To ensure the longevity of your creation, we have included real pure beeswax. This natural wax will not only embed your sacred feathers but also imbues it with a gentle, sweet earthy scent.

The hemp string, known for its durability and eco-friendly properties, serves as the perfect material for securing the feather to your chosen accessory.

Strong Keyring allows easy attachment to your desired expression...

Instructions are included along with the cultural learning of the respects and connection our First Nations have with our ancient Country, Spirit, sky, each other.