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Ocher Bee

Create Your Own Kits - Tasmanian Oak Clapsticks Small, with ochre.

Create Your Own - Kit

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Respect Acknowledge Connect...

🌟 Discover the Versatility and Cultural Significance of Indigenous Clap Sticks 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a journey of cultural exploration and artistic appreciation?

No Experience Needed... For Beginners to the Advanced artist....

Look no further than our Create your own Design kits, featuring fun and authentic Indigenous clap sticks.

Ready to go with all you need.

Real wood burning, Real ochre, Real fun. 

Just ad water and a lil craft glue...


Clapsticks Pair 

Sacred Full Moon Bathed Refined Ochre x 1

Doting Sticks x 2

Sand Papper x1




🎶 Captivating 🎶
Our clap sticks are not just musical instruments; they are intricate works of art. Handcrafted from upcycled Tasmanian Oak, each pair showcases natural hand-burned artwork that tells a captivating story - "Star Dreaming - Seven Sisters." These designs are a representation of safe space journeys, gathering stories, and ongoing connections in all directions.

💫 Sound Relaxation and Personal Connection 💫
Immerse yourself in the power of sound as you relax, rebalance, and connect with your inner self and nature. Our clap sticks provide a sensory experience deeply rooted in Indigenous practices. Use them for sound relaxation sessions, personal meditation, or simply to foster a moment to be present. 

Fantastic Activity for groups or parties...