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Ocher Bee

Mini Clapsticks Boxed, Gift, Rebalance, Heal, Music, First Nations, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Australia

Mini Clapsticks Boxed Gift, Respect, Acknowledgement, Connect.

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Discover the Versatility and Cultural Significance of Indigenous Clap Sticks

Clap sticks hold a profound role that goes beyond being mere musical instruments. They serve as tools, weapons, and integral components of storytelling, dance, and healing practices. We have carefully upcycled Tasmanian Oak into exquisite clap sticks, handcrafted to showcase natural hand-burned artwork that tells a captivating story - "Star Dreaming - Seven Sisters." This design also represents a safe space journey, gathering stories, and symbolizes ongoing connections in all directions.

Captivating Artistry: The intricate artwork on our clap sticks are created by first nations artist Sara - Ocher Bee sharing stories and consists of hand-burned designs. The end lines represent the continuous bond between all directions – north, south, east, west, and everything in between. Additionally, the dots at the ends offer insights into various Country areas, imbuing each piece with a distinct cultural significance.

Sound Relaxation and Personal Connection: Embrace the power of sound to relax, rebalance, and connect with your inner self and nature. Our clap sticks provide a sensory experience that resonates deeply with Indigenous practices. Use them for sound relaxation sessions, personal meditation, or as a tool for fostering a profound connection to your surroundings.

Size and Uniqueness: Each pair of clap sticks is approximately 16cm in length, providing the perfect fit for your hands. As our products embrace nature's design, every clap stick possesses its own individuality. Revel in the uniqueness of your hand-selected cultural connection, acknowledging the essence and beauty of Indigenous art and craftsmanship.

Authentic Cultural Connection: By bringing these clap sticks into your life, you are honoring and celebrating Indigenous culture. These handcrafted artifacts bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern appreciation, allowing you to forge a genuine connection with the rich and diverse heritage of our First Nations people.

Embrace Uniqueness: Embrace the individuality of each product and allow it to serve as a testament to the craftsmanship of our artists. The nature-inspired design guarantees that your clap sticks hold distinctive patterns and details. As you hold this cultural tool in your hands, you carry a piece of history and heritage that is unlike any other.

Embrace the Spirit of Indigenous Artistry: Indulge in the authentic craftsmanship and cultural significance of our Indigenous clap sticks. By incorporating them into your life, you not only experience the beauty of Australian Indigenous culture but also support the preservation of traditions. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Indigenous artistry, connecting deeply with the land, its stories, and its people.