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Ocher Bee

Walk & Talk Country' Grounded Nature Walk Saturdays 8am 9am Bookings essential...

Walk & Talk Country' Nature Walk Saturdays 8am 9am

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Meet and Greeted with Warm Native Bush Tea.

Sip as we Wander.

Acknowledge Country

Open walk with Full Moon Bathed Ochres. 

Immerse in Cultural knowledges. 

Learn respect, read, hear, breath and connect in beautiful peaceful surroundings.

Close with Clapstick Sound circle...

Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens.


What to bring:

Water Bottle

Comfy Walking Shoes

Insect Repellent 


Jumper/ Wet Weather Coat if applicable


Alternate covered area, wet/ extreme wind weather "Make Your Own" guided Craft activity available, if applicable.  Facilitator decision at time of Session if necessary for safety, only if required. 


Also check out My Dilly Bag Workshops just around the corner make your own unique morning of cultural adventures, after you start with Ocher Bee.