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Ocher Bee

Cultural Immersion Experience. Sip, Wander, Snack, Create, Grounded Respects for Country

Walk & Talk Country' Nature Walk Saturdays 9-10AM

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Clapstick Woodburning Make Your Own Experience 4TH Nov2023
Walk and Talk Country
Private Dawn Sacred Ochre Grounding

Ocher Bee - As seen on TV Well Traveler Episode 1. Channel 10 Oct 2022

Experiences Available:


Every Weekend:


Bush Tea Sip, Wander, Snack, Create, Sacred Ochre Grounding, respect connect with Country.


Meet and Greeted with Warm Native Bush Tea.

Sip as we Wander.

Acknowledge Country

Open walk with Full Moon Bathed Ochres. 

Immerse in Cultural knowledges. 

Learn respect, read, hear, breath and connect in beautiful peaceful surroundings.

Sit and Create your very own cultural connection to take on your journeys forward. (Emu Feather Key ring or hair Charm, Mini Ochre Art)

Close with Clapstick Sound circle...

Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens.


What to bring:

Water Bottle

Comfy Walking Shoes

Insect Repellent 


Jumper/ Wet Weather Coat if applicable


Alternate covered area, wet/ extreme wind weather "Make Your Own" guided Craft activity will be upgraded free of charge to provide value to all guest at all times, if applicable.  Facilitator decision at time of Session if necessary for safety, only if required. 


Also check out My Dilly Bag Workshops just around the corner make your own unique morning of cultural adventures, after you start with Ocher Bee.

Special Experiences: 


Private Dawn Sessions we come to you or meet us at your sacred preset location. 

Contact for more details. Or book online and we can discuss the time and location. 


Contact for a group booking we can create a time and book our venue partners, Spicers Tamarind Retreat or My Dilly Bag just to name a couple.


New Event Dates Coming soon for this one if you have missed it. 


Wood Burning 'n' Ochre Clap Stick Creation (Saturday 4th November)

Saturday 4th November 2023





Saturday 4th November


My Dilly Bag Forrest Glenn

About the class: Learn the ancient ways of clap stick creation. These are not just a musical instruments but have many uses including a weapon, tool, story, dance, and healing practices. We explore each of these in the workshop.

Taking time to sit together, yarn and enjoy some Bush Infused Native Brew Tea on arrival, and snack through out the session. You will connect with your pieces and be guided through how to complete the following:

  • Journey of the wood - You will receive two up-cycled fallen gumtree clap sticks which are blank, hand burnt and carved - ready to read. Each is unique and has a story.
  • Sanding - Using sandpaper fig leaves we gently sand the sticks back. 
  • Polish - Using a stone we will polish and ready your pieces for painting. 
  • Practice - create your story on card using traditional symbols. 
  • Using burning tools supplied you will embellish your sticks using your card design as inspiration,
  • Paint with sacred ochre -  rub with ochre your prepared pieces to tell your story which can be healing and significant.
  • Bag - you will also make a carry bag to keep your beautiful creations in.

What you'll take home: 

  • Your two clap sticks can make a wonderful gift or memory to take home and enjoy its many uses. 
  • You will receive, an extra small take home gift for you to enjoy



Private Dawn Grounding $880.00 (also available with your Spicer's Retreat Stay)

Up to 4 participants... $44.00/extra participant

Unique Private Dawning.

Be inspired as we create your very own unique dawn experience that will lift the heart for ever, with memories that will carry on throughout your journeys.

Each session includes:

  • Ochre Grounded Blessing 
  • Clapstick Re Balance of space
  • Guided inner heart illumination 
  • Your custom Message Shared, Revisit your original vows or recreate current meanings (optional) 
  • Sound frequency Cosmic journey  
  • Native Treats
  • Native infused teas

    What you'll take home:

    • Each guest receives a take-home gift that can help with ongoing well-being 
    • Unique One on One Memorable Connection Experience
    • Heart Activation, techniques for you to use on your journey

    Please bring:

    • Water bottle
    • Towel
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat
    • Jacket / Swimmers  

    As seen on TV Well Traveler Episode 1. Channel 10 Oct 2022