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Weddings Couples Engagement, Renew Connection, Private Experiences

Private Exclusive Dawn Mountain or Beach - Couples, Family, Friends.

Price: FROM $880.00

Location: In Person (Maroochy Waters- Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Country Sunshine Coast) or Online

Luxury Retreat Incursion:

Couples Renew Connection, Proposal, Engagement, Heart Illumination - 1.5hrs

Indulge in an extraordinary experience designed exclusively for couples seeking a deeply rejuvenating and intimate retreat. Step into a world of opulence as we guide you through an enchanting journey of connection and ultimate relaxation.

Arrival: Upon entering our luxurious sanctuary, you will be welcomed by the soothing ambiance of sacred mats, plush cushions, and exquisite rugs. Prepare to unwind and embrace the tranquility that awaits you.

Cleansing Ritual: Immerse yourself in the ancient sounds of wooden clap sticks, resonating harmoniously with the serene atmosphere. Savor a sip of our specially infused tea, featuring aromatic myrtle, as it gently rebalances and revitalizes your energy bodies, awakening a sense of harmony within you and your beloved partner.

Heart Space Activation: Together, find solace and serenity as you engage in a moment of profound connection. Embrace the full moon's radiant energy through refined ochres, bathing both of you in its celestial connection enhancing your internal glow. Experience a sacred anointing of lavender oil on your temples and neck, heightening the senses and bringing forth a deep sense of inner calm.

Unity and Renewal: Within this grounding moment, find clarity and peace as you immerse yourselves in each other's presence. Amplify the love and commitment you share through a guided connection ceremony that invites you to truly see and honor one another's essence.

Experience the following during your retreat:

  • Creation of your personal, sacred space, adorned with exquisite cultural details.
  • Delight in our thoughtfully crafted Native Bush Infused Tea, designed to nourish your senses.
  • Embark on a guided journey into the heart space through a mini meditation, amplifying your connection.
  • Bathe in the sacredness of local full moon bathed ochre, activated with love, light, and peace, enhancing your bond.
  • Engage in a unique Clapstick Sound Rebalance Session, where rhythmic vibrations guide you towards inner alignment.
  • Indulge in the soothing melodies of Himalayan Crystal Sound Bowls, specifically tailored to open your heart, root chakra, and third eye.
  • Conclude your retreat with a harmonious closure using the Clapstick., bringing your experience to a gentle conclusion.
  • Enjoy 20 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation, basking in the sacred energy of your shared space, before gracefully returning to your day.

Elevate your love, connection, and well-being in this enchanting Couples Heart Illumination Retreat. Embrace the transformational power of this experience and emerge with a renewed sense of love, unity, and blissful harmony. 


From $1800

Interactive ochre wall.

1000mm X 1000mm

Perspex and 2.5cm raised blocks provided to cover the piece for mounting or framing. This has open edges.

Ready for you to mount once completed.

*Created as a sketch into ochre art.

Connection interactive creation of guests of celebration.

Activation of a forever piece memories and statement.

Capture the moment. 

Guests all involved 

Forever keepsake created at the celebration.



Entertainment with meaning ...

( Please note raw ochres are intended to return to mother earth country over a longtime. Rough moves jolting and handling without care will cause ochres to lift and fall  quicker then natural years of normal wall hung experience)

From $1800


From $2400

Interactive Ochre Art Wall. With Lightbox Mounting. 

*Same As above placed into light box and mounted with framed edge. Open bottom. 

Aesthetically created coolamon type tray bottom. 

Designed to catch ochre falls over decades that can be personally used for future connection ceremonies that can be intended for love reactivation or special moments for you as a couple or family can continue to connect with.

(Please note raw ochres are intended to return to mother earth country over a longtime. Rough moves jolting and handling without care will cause ochres to lift and fall  quicker then natural years of normal wall hung experience)

From $2400


From $3300

Ochre Art Guest creation.

This piece is a basic art creation with binded ochre that is created by Sara Moore of Ocher Bee and as your personal interactive artistic guide for the first half hour of your reception. Often this takes place after wedding party photography session and prior to reception officially opening. 

This experience engages and initiates your guests into the understanding of the deeper meaning and energy activation of your unique grounded ochre keepsake. 

Rather then an Ochre art piece having etch creations. Guest are invited to add binded coloured ochres to the piece as it is created over the evening and dries overnight. 

These ochres are  bound with an art glue insuring the ochre is in place and only lack of care or significant jolt event could create the ochres to fall or become displaced. Intents to last forever... 

Framing and handling after event to be completed by you. 

From $3300



1/, 3/.

Collection and mounting of piece after celebration.

From $1100


Wedding party Full Moon Ochre Packs. 

Mens and Woman's. Total Ochre 10 packs

That included small ochre bottle each and  Keyring keepsake with same batch ochre in each for each wedding party member. 

Respectful memories. 



Guided Ceremony and paint up for women. 


**Mens pack - instructions only. 

**(Men do their own Paint up / Ceremony their ways. Instructions are a guide only and fellows will have their own natural remembering and intention to set in their ways.)



Ochre Bee has  consult service to engage Local Traditional Owners to assist in men's business if you would like to explore this option as an addition, for the Grome and groomsmen, family etc.)


- consultation... Introduction to contacts only. 

Please note Traditional Owners have their own price structure for their services. This will be finalised and the transaction will be completed through them or their company, after introduction this is separate from Ocher Bee. 

25% ($80) refund if Traditional Owners are not available for your Date- Time- Locations.

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