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Private Mountain Beach Immersion Experiences

Private Exclusive Dawn Mountain or Beach - Couples, Family, Friends.

Price: FROM $880.00

Location: In Person (Maroochy Waters- Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Country Sunshine Coast) or Online

Ocher Bee creates sacred spaces or respectfully attends your space, for unique meaningful  for individuals, couples or gatherings. These experiences can include ochre grounding, rebalancing with sacred clapstick and crystal bowl sound frequencies.

Options include:

Your Meaningful Ceremony

Ocher Bee creates ceremony space for your special occasion, family, group or couple's intentions. Ocher Bee intentionally enhances this space with respects to C ountry, for you to arrive, embrace, ground, connect, relax and enjoy your meaningful vision of connection or guide we can gently you through a grounding ceremony.

The experience includes ochre grounding as you sit to have ochres place on head and feet grounding with Mother Earth, clapstick sound, allow the vibrations to rebalance you as you relax into this sacred space set just for you and intentional blessing, that is custom to you, for this space (discussed together prior).

- Anniversaries

- Weddings

- Engagements

- Grounded Bridal Party Celebrations

- Bridesmaid, Bride Pre Wedding or Reception Grounding - Men's space Available (contact to arrange)

- Birthdays

- Passing of loved one

- Special Occasions

- Acknowledgements



Family Connections, ‘Inner Heart' Illumination 

A special inner heart connection experience for mother and daughter which provides blessing for young girls transitioning towards, currently experiencing, or have transitioned through to, Young Empowered Beings.

A moment of connection to bless this growth with inner heart awareness. This experience can be customised to your intentions, wishes and visions to make this blessing a truly unique and deep experience for you both, or those involed.

 - Mother Daughter

- Parent Child,

- Couple Heart Connection


Meaningful Deeper Connection Baby Shower. With Mothers Baby Belly, Grounded Blessing...

A great way to celebrate and bless the impending birth of a baby with your immediate family or wider community of guests.  This space includes the creation and decoration of your sacred ceremonial space, custom intentions, ochre grounding circle, clapstick sound rebalance, and grounded take-home parting gifts for each guest.