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Genuine, authentic Cultural services & experiences for your business

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Location: Sunshine Coast, Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Mobil Nationally

Corporate Experiences: Enhance Your Seminars with Team Building Or Cultural Awareness

At Ocher Bee, we understand the importance of incorporating genuine and authentic Cultural Awareness experiences into your corporate events and seminars. We offer a range of interactive sessions designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring that all participants can engage and immerse themselves in meaningful connections with different cultures.


Our Cultural Awareness offerings include:


  1. Cultural Wellbeing Immersions: Experience face-to-face or live online sessions that provide non-digital, interactive opportunities for acknowledging and understanding First Nations Culture. Our trained facilitators work closely with your team to ensure a grounded experience the allows each individual their very own cultural immersion.  All necessary resources are provided. We send you individual packs to fully engaged in the workshop at the time step by step, enabling participants to fully engage in their own Cultural Awareness journey. Duration: 1 hour.


  1. Cultural Awareness with Incorporated Wellbeing: Learn how to embed First Nations cultural inclusions into your workplace for the benefit of both staff and clients/students. Explore relaxation techniques, self-care practices, and team-building activities that foster a sense of cultural connection and wellbeing. Engage in ochre grounding and immersive sound experiences and take part in creation activities to bring cultural authenticity into your everyday environment.


  1. Cultural Activities and Experiences. we have 3 main create your own artifact experiences to choose from.  


Luxury Retreat Package: For a comprehensive corporate retreat experience, opt for our 2 or 4-day program. Immerse in an array of wellbeing activities, take part in hands-on creation experiences, and enhance your  Cultural Awareness . Our serene Sunshine Coast Hinterland locations offer the perfect backdrop for relaxation, self-reflection, and team bonding. A fully journey into the dreaming.

Book with Spicers Retreat and add our package:

Elevate Your Corporate Retreat/ Seminar Experience, we come to your or different locations available seasonal.  

From: $33.00/ pp

Unlock the potential of your team with a transformative journey at our prestigious retreat resort collaboration, where Team Building, Engagement, and Bonding take center stage. Immerse yourself in the art of Activation through our meticulously curated program that goes beyond traditional corporate events.


Intimate Setting for Maximum Impact:

Our Retreat offering session is designed for exclusivity, accommodating a maximum of 22 guests. This ensures a personalised and impactful experience for each participant.

For larger groups we have created alternate delivery options to included all as a group in one session. 

Contact us to add to your seminar or retreat. or  

Contact us today to book your Luxury Corporate Retreat and secure your place in our culturally enriched experiences. Please note that partial refunds are available with 24+ hours prior notice.

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