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Genuine, authentic Cultural services & experiences for your business

Price: 22.00 Enquiry Fee

Location: Sunshine Coast, Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Mobil Nationally

Ocher Bee give your business or organisation genuine, authentic Cultural Awareness experiences. I work with you to ensure the experience meets your corporate needs, and all resources are provided for all participants to interact and immerse in Cultural connection relating to the selected session.


Cultural Awareness Via Cultural Wellbeing Immersions

Cultural Awareness - Non-Digital Interactive Acknowledgment

Face To Face Or Online Live

  • Confidant, Meaningful Acknowledgment to Country Training
  • Immerse in Our cultural practices understanding Cultural Empowerment
  • Become connected to Ancient traditional knowledges and authentic practices
  • Connect with Real ochres
  • Understanding increase of colonisation impact
  • Learn Authenticity within contemporary environment of today

1 hour


Cultural Awareness with Incorporated Wellbeing

  • Sit, respect, learn knowledges of embedding First Nations cultural inclusions into workplace for staff and clients/ students 
  • Relax, Self-Care, Rejuvenation
  • Team Building Activities Available 
  • Ochre Grounding & Sound Immersions
  • Experience for yourself Cultural Healing Space
  • Creation Activity to take home


 Cultural Awareness Staff Cultural Immersion Engagement 

  • Traditional Technique Activity, Well Being, Art, Clapsticks, Walking Cultural Awareness Connection to Nature Experiences
  • Allow each staff member time to be Inducted into the workplace with open respects for Cultural inclusions
  • Flexible Sessions for Diverse Audiences
  • Cultural Immersion Experiences

 Luxury Retreat package

  • 2, or 4 Day 
  • Wellbeing - Take Home techniques
  • Professional Development
  • Cultural Awareness throughout Hands on creation experience
  • Personal Native Pamper night Packs
  • Immersion Activities
  • Cultural Walking Meditation

Contact for booking links for our Luxury Corporate Retreats Sunshine Coast Hinterland Locations. 

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