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Corporate Wellness - Cultural Awareness, Staff immersion Experiences

Genuine, authentic Cultural services & experiences for your business

Price: 22.00 Enquiry Fee

Location: Sunshine Coast, Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Mobil Nationally

Ocher Bee can give your business or organisation genuine, authentic Cultural Awareness experiences. I work with you to ensure the experience meets your corporate needs, and all resources are provided for all participants to interact and immerse in Cultural connection relating to the selected session.

Options Include:

  • Cultural Awareness Packages,
  • Meaningful Confidant Acknowledgment To Country: Interactive
  • Staff Cultural Engagement Experiences
  • Cultural Awareness with Incorporated Wellness sessions.
  • Cultural Awareness Staff Engagement Induction packages 
  • Corporate Cultural Awareness Immersion, Interactive Engagement retreat packages 1-3 Days 

Consultation deposit required to create a tailored experience; this cost will be discounted from your booking cost at time of invoicing for your booking.