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For Groups and private Experiences

Unique Cultural immersion, connection & creation experiences

Price: On Application

Location: In Person (Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast) or Online

Ocher Bee works with you to create Cultural immersion, connection & creation experiences that suit the needs of your group. We share our space or come to yours with all resources provided as we share knowledge & story. We interact in a safe and respectful space, using traditional techniques and, of course, having fun together.

Options include

Clapstix Creation workshop 

Learn the ancient ways of clap stick creation. These are not just musical instruments, but have many uses including a weapon, tool, story, dance, and healing practices. We explore each of these in the workshop as we take time to sit together, yarn, enjoy some My Dilly Bag Native Brew Tea and create meaningful upcycled Clap Sticks to take home.

Cool Palm Frond Coolamons

Learn the traditional practice of coolamon creation. Coolamons traditionally have many uses - serving & carrying food, the mixing of ochres & medicines, carrying babies and being toy canoes for the little ones. In this workshop we use piccabeen palm fronds to create our own coolamons.

Ochre Immersion Story Creation

Learn the ancient meaning and significance of sacred ochre. We explore basic symbols and how we create our own stories in symbols. We use ochre to mark our bodies for grounding & wear our own symbolic artwork.

Ochre Relaxation Grounding Circle

Learn of the significance of ochre in the wellbeing spaces. Calm to sounds of the ancient clapstick frequencies. Ground with Mother Earths sacred ochres. Breath country into heart space and take a guided journey. Then take a moment to connect personally creating a simple art piece on your arms legs, immersing into your own space and connection to culture. 

Ocher Bee's Ochre Energy Walls 

 Bring your community together with an Ochre Wall in your center. We can create a perfect mural or create the perfect background for your group to grow and enhance as time goes on.

Confidence In Meaningful Acknowledgments 

Immerse in cultural circle sit discuss the significant Cultural connections from your Traditional Owners, Country, Elders, dreaming. Ground in Ochre and we show you how to engage you audience , group, meeting space with Acknowledgment to Country. Creating an all in experience. This is for students, staff, members to all come together to gather and learn.