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Unique Cultural immersion, connection & creation experiences

Price: On Application

Location: In Person (Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast) or Online

Cultural Immersion and Connection for the Education Sector: From Pre-school to University. 

Ocher Bee is dedicated to providing authentic and immersive Cultural experiences tailored to suit the needs of educational institutions. Whether you're a pre-school, primary school, high school, or university, our team will work closely with you to create engaging and educational activities that foster a deep understanding and connection to different cultures. We offer both on-site sessions and can bring the experience to your location, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching experience for your students and staff.

Our offerings for the education sector include:

  1. REAL Ochre Immersion Story Creation: Delve into the ancient meaning and importance of sacred ochre. Students will explore basic symbols and learn the many uses along with how to create their own stories using these symbols. They will also have the opportunity to mark their bodies with ochre, understanding its grounding properties, and wear their own symbolic artwork.

  2. REAL Ochre Relaxation Grounding Circle: Discover the grounding/ healing properties of ochre and its significance in wellbeing practices. Students will experience the calming sounds of ancient clapstick frequencies, ground themselves with Mother Earth's sacred ochres, and embark on a guided journey. They will then create a simple art piece on their arms or legs, fostering their personal connection to culture and providing a moment of reflection in their own space.

  3. Ocher Bee's Ochre Connection Walls: Enhance your educational community with an Ochre Wall in your center. Our team can create a beautiful mural or provide a perfect background for your group to interactively grow and evolve the art installation over time, serving as a powerful symbol of cultural connection, with deep meaning.

  4. Confidence in Meaningful Acknowledgements: Immerse your students, staff, and members in a cultural circle where they can discuss the significant cultural connections from Traditional Owners, Country, Elders, and dreaming. Grounded in ochre, we will guide you in creating meaningful Acknowledgments to Country, ensuring that every gathering and meeting space becomes an inclusive and culturally enriching experience. With ease and comfort for all.

Allow us to bring the world of culture to your educational institution. Contact Ocher Bee today to book your immersive cultural experience.