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Private Leisure and Wellbeing - Individuals, Couples, Parent - Child

Sacred space grounding and healing

Price: $144 per hour

Location: In Person (Maroochy Waters, Sunshine Coast. Gubbi Gubbi County.) Or Mobil

NEW - Ocher Bee has created a sacred space specifically to nurture the body, mind and soul of women, children and teens.

Each session allows you to relax and rebalance, connecting with your deepest intentions and experiencing healing. Whether you yearn to connect with self, retune, or feel more grounded, our sacred space experience will have something that resonates with you.

These sessions include:

  • Clapstix frequency rebalance
  • Crystal chakra layout
  • Ochre Earthing
  • Crystal bowl sound Journey
  • Guided inner heart illumination
  • Herbal / native tea refreshment
  • Angel card or Native Flower guidance message
  • Private Dawn And Sunset sessions available on Country-  extra Costs Involved contect for info. 

Take Your Sacred Space Now!    1 hour sessions